Hornsby + Nugée gives impartial advice on all aspects of selling antiquities, either through private sale or at auction.  Acting as agents on behalf of our clients we:

  • Negotiate discrete and confidential sales of single objects and collections between international buyers, private collectors, museums and institutions
  • Negotiate the best terms for sale at auction, overseeing the entire sale process


Acting as agents on behalf of our clients we:

  • Source antiquities from private collections, auctions and galleries
  • View objects and advise on authenticity, condition and commercial value
  • Negotiate the purchase price for private sales
  • Bid on behalf of clients at international auctions
  • Oversee sale transactions and post-sale transportation


On behalf of clients we:

  • Provide specialist valuations for sale, insurance, taxation, family division and bequest
  • Compile photographic and descriptive inventories
  • Provide impartial expert advice on collection management including forming, rationalizing or selling collections, and advice on market trends
  • Advise on conservation, storage and transportation
  • Undertake research projects, academic reports and cataloguing